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ADVENTURE 1: The Pilot

Updated: May 13

"*Cough* *cough* Could you do *cough* a dying man a favor? *cough* Light me up a cigarette." said the soldier lying beneath the chunk of the building that barely missed his left hip. There was a cigarette pack squeezed into his left pants pocket. Looking less damaged I grabbed one from the back and stuck it between his lips. I then took out my zippo which is engraved with the number 3. *FLISSK FLISSSSSSK* The flame touched the tip of the cigarette, and he was already dead. I stumbled backward falling to my knees. Simply put I was in shock, What just happened? The fighting had just broken out. That guy was gonna shoot me 3 minutes ago, and then there were a few big explosions and this building collapsed and fell right onto the battlefield, leaving nothing but crumbles of buildings with a sprinkle of soldiers here and there.This planet wasn't like this when we arrived. I used to think coming to this planet meant humanity’s troubles were over. I thought back the day humans first came to this planet. My mother and I were on a ship, I was extremely young, all I remember was looking out the window and seeing droid ships consuming the limitless sky. When we landed this planet was lush and had the most beautiful forests, lots of lakes and mountains, but no ocean. The native creatures weren't very aggressive; they were all herbivores. Beyond that, I remember thinking how magical everything looked. There were no skyscrapers, no fields of ash, no people. But now 200 years later, that's all there is. I stood up,and started wandering around which wasn't easy since the battlefield was now hills and valleys of rubble and dead bodies. I continued my search taking what looked usable, mostly bullets. After about 40 mins of this, it was clear, no one else was alive, not even a truck or ship survived the building collapsing. Which I still don't fully understand, honestly, I just can't comprehend how the building could have fallen that perfectly to take out most of the battlefield like that. If the impact that knocked that building down came from the battle, at the angle we were at it would've fallen backward, not forward.

Man, I can't believe I'm the only survivor and I'm not even a soldier. I'm only here for a mission, you see I'm a thief not a soldier. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Gym, he never should have called…..

"Hey man, did you hear what Joey got outta that Ghoul’s goon?" My man Gymmie said as he was on the other line as I held my freshly answered cell to my ear. I was just sitting in my 'office' which in reality was just a desk and computer that sat in the corner of my tiny apartment. To explain why Joey was getting info out of the goon; Joey was a local weapon tech, who also ran with the Grizz, a gang who hustled drugs out of this area, but the Ghoul gang wanted rights to the territory.

"Nah Gym I have not had the horror, would you care to indulge me?"

"Well RJ told me, Joey told him that that goon said, that the stories are true about the supercomputer in the Dodecagon

"Well shit!"

"Latter loser" -Gym said, hanging up the call. There have been plenty I could/have stolen. However, this one was gonna be a challenge to pull off even for me. The first place I need to stop at is Gibbys; a little ship machine shop, but most people go because you can get just about any type of ID from Gibbs. The shop was in a ‘not-so-nice’ part of town, but what's a ‘nice’ part of town anymore. Everywhere you turned someone needed water, money, or food. Stepping out of my apartment the first thing that caught my attention was that the sky was full of dark clouds and it was sprinkling, which was a huge deal. We are so low when it comes to water on this planet, but I guess that's what happens when you have 1 billion humans inhabiting a planet with no oceans. I hopped on my halo-board. A halo-bored was a common thing for everyone to have, with the deck shape of a skateboard underneath there are two halo-cones that looked almost like speakers but with metal rings that had magnetic energy pushing the board off the ground. I love this feeling. It’s simply freeing, floating down the street. Wind flowing past me, and only moments to take in everything surrounding me as I zoomed past. For instance, the old man playing chess by himself on the bottom of a staircase, or the three birds that were picking at a muffin sitting atop the trash can. There was even the little girl walking, holding her dad's hand looking around like 'that's it, the world is just buildings and Ashfields?’ at least that's what I portrayed her expression as. I mean we're getting so low on water and air supply that they're talking about sending a ship to find another planet, to me that's useless. We have been through 4 planets, do we really need to consume another. This planet was so beautiful before, and I don't think there was an aggressive fiber on this planet until our invasion. Oh, I'm here ‘Gibbys ships and parts’ the sign said in flashing yellow and white letters. It was on the third floor of an enormous skyscraper, though I suppose nowadays all of the buildings were enormous skyscrapers. To get there you had to climb a stair set that leads to a balcony for all the businesses on the third floor. I walked into Gibbys, and the first thing I noticed was no one was at the front. In the middle of the day. Something wasn't quite right.

"So, who ate all the blufferbugs in the fridge?" I heard Gibbs' voice coming from the back of the shop. "Oh now everyone wants to shut up, someone better tell me who did it…..Anyone?" I just waited, I knew he loved his food and If an employee ate something of his, well let's just say I wouldn't want my worst enemy to be that employee. After all the commotion and the cleaning up, all the workers went home leaving Gibbs and me to discuss somethings in private.

"So you heard what Joey dug up too then?" Gibbs said with his famous smirk, that looked like a half-smile and a full smile all at the same time.

"How'd you guess that's why I'm here?"

"Cus just about anything else you would've said could've been public."

"Well, then you've probably guessed why I'm here then too."

"Well it's either for a rocket launcher or a fake military badge, and imma guess you ain't just gonna blow this one up."

"Damn straight I need to know. I need to get to that computer, definitely not blowing anything up this time."

"Alright then, young sir, if you'd please pose for me, then I'll take the picture and you'll be on your way." So I stood up and made a blank face. The picture turned out great, I looked just like a dumb soldier. So over the next 2 days, I got all my things together and took an Express zip, which is kinda like a trolley, but on a zipline that uses a magnetic pull to send it from one end of the city to the other. This thing was always crowded and not with the most pleasant of people. There were 3 stops until I had to switch to another zip. This time I needed the new ID because this zip went straight to the Dodecagon. Standing in the zip filled with soldiers and nothing but soldiers. I don't know which zip I preferred. Arriving at the base was different, the zips’ landing was much softer and the doors opened to nothing but machines and soldiers. I spent several months in the Dodecagon already and with all this time I have only been up to level 4. Danger around every corner and always watched, it's not easy to move around the Dodecagon unnoticed. In these 2 and a half months, including this one I've been in 13 battles. Man, I hope I get back to the Dodecagon. It's been 4 hours and no one has come looking for me. It's going to be night time soon, and once it does turn into the night this battlefield is a fresh meal for so many of the creatures out here. Ya see ever since we got low on water not a lot of cities could be supplied with sufficient water to survive, so we moved into bigger cities closer to the water. But not everyone could get into these cities and that has produced countless wars and a lot of death. But the worst part is it's made the animals on this planet turn into evolved beasts that have become dependent on drinking human blood to survive, so these war grounds at night are swarming with them. I started to grab ammo from the aftermath, and just as I was beginning to think I needed to start walking towards the city, there was a ship. However, there was no rescue ship. It looked more like a cruiser. Something just dropped out the back. Whoa, it just disappeared almost as he fazed out of thin air.… SLAM! my head was smacked from behind, into the rubble. The next thing I knew my eyes were opening, and I was strapped in a seat. A person to either side of me strapped into their seats, we were inside of what seemed to be the cockpit of a ship, a big ship.

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