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ADVENTURE 3: There and Back Again

Updated: May 14

*this adventure will be form the perspective of L*

3 weeks prior to the Cap 12 launch:

"This is Zander Sozo he will be the pilot for Quest Z.'' General Korosu announces, among a group of soldiers. Not just any soldiers though, no no these guys were the cream of the crop. Top of top. The best in the biz. The finalists for the Quest Z tryouts. "Only 2 of you will accompanying Mr. Sozo on the flight."

"What!?" , "Are you fucking kidding me" , "You said 12 would go when we started!" Frustrated voices from the crowd yelled in disagreement.

"We will be doing an evaluation of each of your performances and deciding who will go after all of you complete the final test. You will hunt blood beasts." The General motioned, he and all his bodyguards and Z walked out.

"Q you hear this B.S. ?" I say as I turn to face him. Me and Q have been friends since I was a rookie. But since his return, he lost a lot of friends, and that's when we got as close as we are now.

"Yeah what kinda shit is that." He replied. We then walked to our barracks like the rest of the finalists. We all then met back up that night at the designated time, we all gathered in an orderly formation at the edge of the cities right outside the north gate.

"Alright soldiers glad to see you've all made it." General Korosu says from the control room of the gate.

"We will start shortly, you will have 1 full hour to kill as many blood beasts as you can. We begin in 5!" Once he got to 1 a tub of blood was dropped atop the entire platoon, and just like magnates to mettle the blood beast were on us. Shooting and dodging I had already killed 10 and I could tell it was gonna be a long hour. We fought and fought, a monkey-like beast grabbed the barrel of my riffle so I fired. His arm was knocked back, but he used his tale to grab it again but this time a little close for comfort. I flung the riffle into the air, and without hesitation the beast leaped towards me but I had him. Bang, my pistol was my last gun and it was getting overwhelming how many blood beasts were showing up. I paused and just took it in for a millisecond. A few of us had already been completely drained of blood, looking almost like dead bugs just a little less twitchy. And before I could pick Q out of the crowd an anger group of 5 clawed winged squirrel looking beasts dove toward me. I barely rolled back in time, when the gate opened and soldiers poured out, with flame towers. A group of medics scooped us finalists up and then the wall turrets kicked on. What beasts didn't instantly get wrecked died were quick to flee. I got into the med transport, all I could think about is how Q was. He was definitely fine but I just needed to know if I got more kills, 87.

I didn't see him until the next morning and by that time my 87 kills sounded dumb, at least compared to his news.

"The Generals press conference is about to start, get yo ass moving!" -Q barked from my apartment's front door. Waking me.

"Boy, do you know what time it is??" I said looking at my clock, that read 4:43 am.

" Ye, but the general flipped the time from 5 today, to 5 this morning come on!!" He yells as he waives me up. I crawl out of bed, "uuuuuuggghh."

"Looking as spry as every L, while you get ready imma smoke." He then shut the door and I got ready.

"Ready?" I said as I walked out my apartment to him with a cigarette on its last stretch. He then took a large inhale, and then flicking the butt, and exhaling with a nod. When we arrived it was 4:57 and everyone was already inside. The conference was held at the western house of the courts, a very large building even for today's standards. It was on floor 1913. We rushed in wrestling through the crowd, and as the clock hit 5 the doors shut and locked, even the windows got closed and covered. The room was completely black, then 1 light center stage and there he was Court Master Evans, he was one of my all time hero's! He made the core stabilizer that made it possible for an explosion the size of a nuke. It came from a device the size of a coin, He was dressed in a white and red cloak, with lots of jewels decorating his neck, wrist, hands, and even in the clock itself. One of the richest men alive. One of the smartest scientists in humanity. One of the greatest soldiers to even live. One of the Council. We all immediately kneeled, and he said,

"Today is a grand day, for you will either become hero's, or valiant competitors, however only 2" as he said this his this he raised 2 fingers "will be chosen." He put his hand down. "based on the results of all 10 of the challenges, we have decided Ellora Ven, and Quinton Brown, will be accompanying Zander Sozo on Quest Z." I could feel all of the eyes glaring in anger towards me, I'm sure Quinton was having similar feelings.

"AWWW HELL YEAHHH!" -Q shouts as he jumps in the air raising his left arm in a victorious jester. Q's outburst was followed by the rest of the finalists' bitter commentary.

"If your name was called you have a one time pass to level 7 Once there tell Jarey, '3 blessings from William' and if any other try the usual level 7 lock is still on your military IDs." Court master Evans said in the middle of the commotion and that's when it went black again. This time I followed the Court Masters lead, and disappeared from the crowd, but not before grabbing Q by his arm and got to the back door. The lights then turned on and it wasn't Q who I had grabbed, no it was another big ass guy, smiling down at me.

"Hello Ellora Ven, wanna trade IDs" he blurted in a creepy tone. I just looked at him and laughed

"Oh honey, you couldn't take this ID if you tried" I said as I waived my ID in front of his face, knowing it would bring out the exact reaction that it did. As he reached for the ID I grabbed his wrist, twisted and threw him, just a little over 15 feet. Crashing into the table and chair set in the room adjacent to the conference room. He either decided that was enough for him or he just wasn't awake, both ways I was on my way to get ready, level 7 meant I needed to wear my commander's uniform and badges. Once properly dressed, I headed to Q's. When I arrived he wasn't ready but saw what I was wearing and new he needed to change. We then went to the level 3 evaluator and for the first time, went to level 7. *tik* the elevator doors opened. To a long hallway, filed with glass windows into offices. Each one had name plates on the door made of gold. I recognized only the 3rd one on the right 'Jarey' Q and I shared a look and then he opened the door.

"Yeah, yeah well Billy hasn't even jumped a parcel in 8 seconds. Oh Tim's in on this too, fuck!" *eghh ummm* "hold up let me ring you back, who are you guys?" This man was scary, he was a scrawny man but it wasn't his appearance that frightened me, no it was his status, he was important and that made me afraid for whatever reason. "Well if you're not gonna talk, get out" He said snobbishly, if I wasn't petrified I would've said it but "3 blessings from William" Q said as Jarey smiled and got up from his seat.

"Follow me" he Murmured as he walked out his office. Me and Q followed behind him like 2 little ducklings. We got to the end of the hallway and there was large litetanium doors at a rounded angle. And then opened to a circle room with a standing desk off the right of the spiral staircase made of some gorgeous polished dark wood, and the railing was crystal and obsidian. There was a few seating places, and the walls had bookcases filled with books. The staircase and bookshelves were seemingly endless.

"Please wait here while everything is prepared." Said Jarey who left quickly after. The doors shut and I found myself extremely excited for this waiting room, Q on the other hand.

"Waiting is the worst." Q barked, disappointed that this wasn't the Court Masters office, I gotta admit I love a good book so I don't care how long they take. Q plopped on the couch and lit himself a cigarette. I found one of my favorite books, it's a little dramatic but it's very romantic. A man who used to be a rock farmer moves into a large metropolis for the first time. He doesn't only find himself but also a really spontaneous city girl who had a crazy past, and they have an electronic future. It's nothing crazy, just a wholesome old tale, written before I was born. That gets better every time you read it. I was about 3/4 the way done, and Q was on his 9th cigarette, when Jarey returned hey guys I'm sorry but the Court master just went to a meeting so it will be at least another hour. I then finished my book and had to go find another one. After I looked at all the ones near the floor I started to climb the staircase. And to my surprise after about 4 turns you can begin to make out the ceiling, after about turn 7 you can definitively tell where the ceiling is, and it wasn't until turn 22 that I found my next book saltwater taffy, about a group of soldiers end up getting sent to the moons of Blaguer, since I was about to partake in a similar Quest I sad and read all 537 dreadfully boring pages, there was no pop or pizazz. While I read this Q started doing little workouts; push-ups, sit-ups, planks, squats, ect. Just as I stood to go look for my 3rd book Jarey returned this time with the Court Master, and Z.

"Quinton stop your insolence, you do not perform physical training in a place of knowledge." The Court Master ordered, man I almost snapped for Q but it was Court Master Evans, and Q apologized, then we all sat in the comfy library sofas. You 3 will now be working together everyday until the launch to prepare for this heroic Quest. That's exactly what we did: get up early and stay up late, everyday.

Day 1

4am, the level 5 gym, but it was reserved for only the 3 Quest Z participants. Q and show up to an already working out Z.

"Morning!" Z says as he hits the ground after a box jump.

"Morning" Q replied, as he did another.

"So do we have a schedule or set list?" L said as Z did yet another box jump.

"Yeah it's posted .. over there." Z said as he jumped again and gave a nod to the table agent the wall back to the left of the door. It was a list with different workouts and the amount of reps per workout. Me and Q looked at one another

"Let's get to work." we said in unison. By the time we finished it was 2pm and we were all hungry so we stopped at a restaurant on level 5, on the way to the shooting range. We're the banter began after only a few targets in.

"I'll bet each of you 50 bitz that I can hit more headshots than you from 800 yards with a pistol in a minute then both you suckers combined" I said after a few heated, but joking words between the 3 of us that had been building all day, or maybe that's just my competitiveness. But you both foolishly accept the offer. The targets moved to 800 yards and stopped then the built in timer counted from 5 to 1 in red, then in green the word 'go' appear *bang* *bang* *bang* *bang* *bang* and endless assault of bullets, until we reloaded and continued *bang* *bang* *bang* the timer buzzed and we all put the guns down. The targets came back and I was the clear winner. The dummies were originally a silicone like material that was just a human shape. Mine no longer had a head while Z had hit about twice in the head but he had a plethora of body shots, and Q head got about 6 shots in the head.

"Ha pay up boys" I mocked

"Damn" Said Z. Afterwards we went to a chamber where we spent 1 full hour in a room that wipes in a circle extremely fast to a dead stop in the snap of some fingers. This was just about every day up until launch day lots of banter and long days of hard training. It was actually some of the funniest times I've had, but you don't even remember it Z, so what's the point of all that? Why did they just train 3 soldiers for a little under a month, just to throw us into space without coms, we worked hard and are more than capable to really look for a new planet so why? Why cut coms? Why brainwash Z? WHY! I just don't get it...

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