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Where Quest Z starts: Humanity’s 4th planet, and it's looking like we need a new one, sooner than later. The year is 4523, in a calendar that starts on the second planet. People are at an all-time low unemployment rate. The only jobs are with a gang, or some trades, in weapons, or food service, but most people didn't have the money to pay for the food anyway. You could always be a soldier, but anyone with a brain knows that you sign a death warrant, with the amount of war, and gang violence there is. Quest Z starts with Z is in the middle of a mission, one that requires him to post as a soldier. He almost dies a few times before he gets captured and put into a trance for 2 weeks until they leave on this mission for a new planet. 



Zander Sozo: "Z" The character that the story revolves around. Zander was born on planet 3. Meaning he has been alive for a while and has seen this 4th planet get destroyed. He is also very to himself. He was a professional thief until he got captured and put onto The Cap 12. He was such a good thief that other thieves would hire him. He got desperate for answers, and that’s when he decided to ‘become a soldier’ and try to steal a level 8 pass held only by 9 people. The Council. 


Quinton Brown: “Q” Built like an ox and a gorilla had a baby, and that baby was raised by bears. The man is a beast. Q grew up on the top of a mountain that was solid rock. His family had made a farm atop the mountain and it was a steep climb up and down this mountain where there was only water at the bottom. So he not only got plants from underneath the ocean and put them in baskets he also had to bring any water needed for the family and the farm. He had loads of help of course but the boy started at 8 years old. He joined the military and became the youngest ever Commander of the Kazekiaju. A group of assassins that are basically the black ops. He went crazy and doesn’t have all his marbles. This will be further explained in an adventure so all I will say on it for now is, you can be so wrong for so long.


Ellora Ven: "L" She's half black half Asian, has been through 9 wars as a commander, she is quick and insanely accurate with any weapon. She was born on a battlefield. Not the ones that come to mind, but the ones in neighborhoods. This war was between the territory between Coy City, and Bluebridge within one of the 3 super cities. She was a rape baby and grew up in Bluebridge. L was very quickly adapted to the lifestyle of war and is now tough as nails, at least seem to be. 



Earth: Humans original planet, little is known of Earth. Ony that life was short there and humanities origins are unclear. However, we know the planet's air was primarily oxygen and that was the only element that we could use to fuel our cellular energy.


Planet 2: Wars are most of what humanity did whilst on this planet. The only things that we know about life before the wars are; we lost centuries of advancement in most scientific fields when we left we were using swords made of stone and bows and arrow, once supplies were running low and only the people who didn’t want to fight were left. They began to look into the crash yards that were the ships which humanity came here with. They worked for years making a ship that could take everyone to a new planet. Only 2000 humans left this planet, after thousands of years of war.


Planet 3: When we arrived on this planet it was mostly mountains of raw metals and all sorts of stones. However, that was the only thing above water, rock. The only plants and things to consume were underwater. But after hundreds of years and lots of work, humanity had built a stable life above water and we were thriving. Little conflict and lots of happiness. We get so advanced that we colonize 5 of the 7 moons orbiting this planet. Life is good and wonderful, until one side of the planet starts heating up. The temperature goes from the 80s to 150s and everyone starts moving to the other side, then it goes from the 150s to the 300s and people start to look into it more. They find out the sun for this solar system is pulling them inwards and is growing to a supernova. This makes it clear that humanity can’t stay on this planet. We estimate the amount of time we have until the planet is too hot for human life, and we get to work building droid ships because we thought making as many small ones as possible was more likely to get the most people off the planet than if we made 1 big ship in that time. We saved about an extra 40000 humans; we still left over 1m on the planet, but 42m survived.


Planet 4: when humans landed on this planet it was lush and vibrant, the animals that lived here were harmless vegetarians living off the land. Most of the terrain of this planet was swampy or rainforest-like. But quickly humans not only started to build up our cities but we also consumed the water very fast. After only 200 years on this planet, we took 70% of the water. There are 3 water sources left on this planet and each one has a super city built around it. The super cities are Whilhelm; the flattest of the cities. But no building is under 1000ft tall. Alpkin; this is a super city made up of 45 buildings all over 20000ft tall. And finally Tarrion; this super city is where the story starts. Made up of hundreds of buildings the shortest being the water processing building which stands 5000ft tall because humans are consuming and hoarding all the water the creatures that used to live here now have to get hydration from human blood. All that is left on this planet are the ash fields, the animals who roam there and the 3 supercities and the animals that roam there.