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Hello Adventurer! Come join us on Quest Z

Adventure: 4

Shine like a star

“lots of banter and long days of hard training. It was actually some of the funniest times I've had, but you don't even remember it Z, so what's the point of all that? Why did they just train 3 soldiers for a little under a month, just to throw us into space without coms, we worked hard and are more than capable to really look for a new planet so why? Why cut coms? Why brainwash Z? WHY! I just don't get it!” Says L as she finishes up filling me in on all the events of the past 3 weeks


“Frankly I don't think we'll ever get it, this is a new crul even for them." Says Q as he picks his head up and looks towards L.


"The thing that makes the least sense to me is why Z was brainwashed?" L inquired "tell us what you last remember, again."


"Well I was in a horrible accident on a battlefield, and somehow I survived. I was waiting for someone to rescue me like a patrol team but no one was showing up. After a while I was ready to start walking home through the ashfields, but just as I was getting up to leave a little ship came by and the next thing I remember is getting hit on the back of the head and then waking up on the ship." Z said with an anxious tone. 


"What was the accident?" L said leaning closer to the edge of the sofa she was sitting on, as she asked the question Q got a confused look and rushed out the conference room. But L was more interested in the answer that Z was carefully constructing in his head. Just as Z started to answer.


"Guys, GUYS! I might know where that autopilot is taking us." Says Q as everyone rushes into the cockpit. Petrified we all just stared out the window, an enormous ball of fire staring right back at us. In that moment I felt myself melt away into nothing as flames engulfed the ship, me and my questmates. 


"Z! Z! Put this on, hurry!" I snapped back to reality and L was standing in front of me wearing a mask, she also had a mask in her hand that she held in front of my face.


"Z this ain't time to mess around!" Q yelled as he hopped into his seat. I then grabbed the mask and put it in as I fell into Ellora's seat since she had taken over the piloting of the ship. She first turned off autopilot pilot, the ship immediately dove downward as she was trying to summer salt the ship taking us the opposite direction of the super-sun. Instead the sun's gravitation prevented us from tipping away, so we only went straight down, still attempting to escape the gravitational pull, she then put the wheels out for extra traction and tried one last time, breaking out of the pull. However the ship was uncontrollably spinning, until the ship got into the next gravitational pull that of a moon. As we passed through the moon's atmosphere, (what little atmosphere it had), it didn't slow the ship down much at all so the impact when we hit the moon must have made a loud noise. The ship had taken loads of damage. I mean, we did land upside down. As we impacted the entire windshield shattered even though the butt end of the ship was the first part of the ship to make impact. The ship slid for about 2 miles after the initial impact. 


"Shhiit, is everyone ok?"  L asked, her voice distorted from the mask as she undid her seat belts. Then  flipped right-side up landing on the ship's roof, in a superhero pose. 


"Never better" Q said as he undid the straps but instead of flipping out of the seat like Ellora had just done so gracefully. He held himself in the chair as the seat belts dangled past his head. Slowly extended his muscular body, so his feet were inches from the floor, and he then just let go and dropped so he was standing next to L. I was out of it, my vision was all sorts of distorted. Meanwhile my questmates were flipping and climbing out of their seats like it was riding a halo-bored. 


"Z you good?" L said as alI three of her merged and unmerged into 1. 


"Nah, my head is still shaking." I replied.


"Did you bra...damn Z forgot all the training!" Q stated, as he rushed over to help me out of my seat. "You good to walk kid?"


"Yeah, thanks." As I said that he stood me up and let go. Just then I took a step forward and fell right back into his arms.


"Kids got a concussion, can you take this and make him a place to lay down." Q says, as he hands his oversized jacket to L. She laid it down just at the end of the cockpit where she kicked the glass from the broken windshield aside. They then tried the door leading to the rest of the ship, even Q's ridiculous straight only slightly dented the door. Q and L set themselves up on either side of the dent, and began to pull with all their might. *kreeek* 


“Great, now the fucking doors stuck!” Q says in a surprisingly calm tone. While the door had just moved about a centimeter.


“What do you want to do now?” L 


“Shit I guess we go see what's out there” Q said as he motioned to the broken windshield with his head. 


“We don't even know where we are, who may live here or even if anything is here.” L

“Yes but you want to just sit and wait instead of exploring?” Q


“Fine, you win, let's go die.” L said just as she stood up and started to walk out of the broken windshield. Q then walked over to where I was laying, grabbed my blaster pistol, checked that it was loaded, handed it back to me and said,


“Keep this close kid we will be right back.” I looked at the gun and back up to see L and Q walking from the ship, and as they kept shrinking, my vision was starting to come back to me as I could barely make out the black blobs that were my Questmates. As I watched them disappear, I felt this little ball of fear in my stomach. With that fear ball came a flash of images, starting with a man's face that I didn’t recognize, except for the eyes that oddly looked so familiar. Where from? No clue. After that image I saw the brightest night sky I had ever seen, with some city skyline that wasn't one of the super cities. You could tell it was night because there was a clock tower in the right corner of the skyline using the same time measurements we currently use, otherwise it just looked like dusk. Stars and moons visible but still bright out. The final image was from the view of a spaceship looking at a planet shrink as I traveled in the opposite direction. Once I snapped back to reality Q and L were no longer visible, and I was all alone. 

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tune in, 8/12/21 for the next adventure, where the Quest mates will find  something that has been lost for a long ass time